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What we offer

The practice offers a wide range of services including.  

  • Ultrasound ( high frequency soundwaves), interferential therapy
  • Biofeedback techniques to re-educate specific muscles
  • Ergonomic advice and risk assessments in the workplace for computer users
  • Acupuncture
  • Sports massage
  • Home visits

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Produces high-frequency sound waves which create mechanical energy to improve blood circulation to the injury. Cellular changes also take place in the tissues to effect healing. Ultrasound can be used to treat tendons, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues injuries.

Interferential Therapy

Utilises low and medium frequency electrical currents which improve the chemical healing process. Electrodes are placed on the area to be treated and you will feel a tingling sensation. The pulses penetrate deeply into the tissue and can produce an analgesic as well as healing effect without discomfort.

We can diagnosis and treat you without you having to see your GP. However, if you are claiming on your health insurance, we advise you to check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy before starting treatment.

Practice Hours: 8am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday & 9am to 12noon Saturday

For expert treatment or friendly advice please call 020-8891 1600 or email us

Twickenham PhysioTherapy, 30 Mallard Place,Twickenham, TW1 4SR
Tel: 020-8891 1600