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Grant Rofey

"I had chronic problems with my neck and had been suffering with severe headaches and dizziness for over 20 years. I tried everything - chiropractic, osteopathy, ibuprofen. The headaches were so incapacitating that I was on the verge of giving up farming; then I consulted Elaine. Her simple exercises have made that constant pain and dizziness a dim and distant memory. I continue to do my exercises regularly and I have never felt better."

Dr. Ellen M. Goudsmit  FBPsS 

 "As a health professional, I tend to seek advice from those who are top in their field. I've learnt that experience counts as much as qualifications. Having initially seen a different physio for neck pain, I was taught a few exercises which did not help. It was then that I searched for a practitioner who might have more to offer. Elaine’s hands-on treatment did the trick very quickly.
When I injured my shoulder and couldn't sleep on the affected side, it took Elaine only a few days to get me out of pain and well on the way to recovery. Moreover, the exercises which she suggested clearly speeded up the healing process.

Now I've got Elaine on speed dial. She's also extremely friendly and patient so for me, Elaine ticks all the boxes."  

Judith Verity

"I had been suffering with on going running injuries for several years when I visited the Twickenham Physiotherapy Practice. I felt that my physio really got to the root of the problem, asking me questions about my lifestyle, sports and training regime. We then worked together on an exercise programme designed to rehabilitate me so that I could return to full training with less risk of injury."

Rod Stamford

"When I needed a Chartered Physiotherapist some 10 years ago, I searched for a Practice which met my three main requirements : Specialist (so that I knew I would receive treatment from an experienced practitioner); not too large (so that I received treatment from the same physio each time) and with a location offering easy car parking! I chanced upon Elaine Sturman at the Twickenham Physiotherapy Practice and had the immediate benefit of talking directly to Elaine - thus being able to discuss my problem, receive reassurance and advice as well as a rapid appointment. I have continued to seek Elaine's advice and treatment for various injuries ever since and have recommended her to many friends."

Emma Skilton

"My physio explained the cause of my back pain and we looked at various aspects of my life style which could be changed to improve my symptoms, especially my working posture. I was treated with spinal mobilisations and was advised to have a risk assessment for my workstation. I was relieved that I did not need complicated equipment or visits to the gym to carry out a simple and effective exercise programme and this has contributed to my recovery.My experience has been one of friendliness and professionalism. I will certainly recommend the Twickenham Physiotherapy Practice to any of my friends and colleagues."


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